Will the Real Antun Sa’adeh Please Step forward! Dr. Adel Beshara



In 1930, at still an unidentifiable date, a steam ship sailed into Beirut with immigrants returning to catch up with friends and relatives. Among them was a young man in his mid-twenties. He was no different from anyone else on the ship except in his outward appearance. His travel documents identified him as Antun Khalil Sa’adeh, a former resident of Mount Lebanon, and an émigré of almost ten years.

للمتابعه والتحميل

في هذا العدد<< العوامل الخفية في وجهة سير المنظمات، الجزء الأولهل ثأر يوسف الخال من انطون سعاده؟-جان دايه >>
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