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The Investment

غير مصنف موضوع العدد

The Investment

Oussama El-Mohtar

 “It is the best $3 billion investment we make. Were there not an Israel, the United States of America would have to invent an Israel to protect her interest in the region. Imagine our circumstances were there no Israel. How many battleships would there be how many troops would be stationed.” President Joe Biden.

There it is in a nutshell. President Biden is saying, “forget about the ‘home of the Jewish people’, forget about the ‘promised land’, forget about the ‘ingathering of the exiles’, this is propaganda for the fools. Israel is an investment that we invented to defend our interests.”

So, let us call things by their name. From here on, Israel is the INVESTMENT. It is sustained because the British don’t want their troops in Palestine, Jordan, Iraq or the Gulf. The French do not want their troops in Maghreb, Syria or Lebanon. The Italians don’t want their troops in Libya, and the Americans don’t want their battleships and troops stationed in the Middle East.

Ironically, the USA, the UK, France, Germany, and Italy, the same western powers that initially coughed up the initial investment for the INVESTMENT in 1917, (See this article for more elaboration) are clamoring to defend it. Right now, American and British fleets are speeding to the eastern Mediterranean to defend the IVESTMENT, while the rest of the gang is cheering them on.

What an investment!

The INVESTMENT has cost American taxpayers at least $150 billion dollars over the last fifty years. (Some say even double this amount). Is this a good investment? There is a complete divergence between governments and peoples’ position on this question. The governments involved are doubling down on their losses. They are pouring good capital – moral and financial – after bad. They are enacting draconian measures aimed at stifling opposition to the INVESTMENT. But it’s not working. Millions of people all over the world are demonstrating against it. Why? Because they see it as it is, a morally corrupt and financially disastrous invention. They are demanding that their governments do the prudent thing, cut their losses in this failing INVESTMENT and run.

To appreciate the way the INVESTMENT was invented, let’s turn to a desolate voice that witnessed its inception. In 1923, three years after turning Palestine over to the Zionists, Reverend Abraham Mitrie Rihbany wrote in his book, “Wise Men from the East and from the West”: “But in the present instance the scheme of conquest is most inglorious. It was made in the dark. The people of Palestine had no knowledge of it. The Zionists are coming into the country neither as military invaders with flying banners nor as invited friends. The British forces are holding the Palestinians by the throat, as it were, while the Zionists are creeping in with a grin of derision.” pp 256-257.

It is time to wipe that grin off.

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