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Soul of my Soul” And the Crumbling HASBARAH“

موضوع العدد

Soul of my Soul” And the Crumbling HASBARAH“

Oussama El-Mohtar

It seems that Hasbarah, aka Zionist or Israeli propaganda, is crumbling in a direct proportion to the destruction of Gaza. Hasbarah, according to Wikipedia, is “a communicative strategy that seeks to explain actions, whether or not they are justified.” For decades, Israel has been getting away with its “unjustified” actions, be they criminal, illegal or genocidal, with impunity. Not anymore. At least not with the young people worldwide.
In my previous article, “The Clamp”, I quoted Nikkie Haley’s demand to ban TikTok because it is turning the youth into “Hamas sympathizers”, (actually sympathizers with Palestine). In mid-December, a new poll conducted jointly by Harvard University and The Harris Poll points in the same direction. Here are the headlines from two Israeli newspapers reporting on the poll. Ynetnews’: “Young Americans favor Hamas taking over Israel, survey finds”; JPost’s: “Young Americans: Jews are ‘oppressors,’ calls for genocide not hate speech – poll.” Let us examine some of the findings from the section titled, “Israel – Hamas War”.
Question: “Hamas killing of 1200 Israeli Civilians and the kidnapping of another 250 civilians can be justified by the grievances of Palestinians or is it not justified”.
Cumulative answer: across all groups from 18-65+ is 73% “not justified” and 27% “justified.”
18-24 age group answer: the results are reversed; 60% “justified” and 40% “unjustified”.
Question: Do you support Israel?
Cumulative answer: 81% are for and 19% against.
18-24 age group answer 50%-50%.
Question: Do you think that Israel is committing genocide against those in Gaza or is it just trying to defend itself and eliminate Hamas?
Cumulative answer: 37% committing genocide; 63% defending itself.
18-24 age group answer: 60% committing genocide; 40% defending itself.
This attitude among young people is happening worldwide in spite of concerted, professional and well-funded campaigns by Hasbaratists. One such north American group boasted lately of hundreds of trained community members working under the watchful eye of professional “influencers” to become “effective online activists.” They have sent over a hundred thousand letters to elected officials; they have secured the publication of hundreds of pro-Israel media stories; they have gone on marathon days of lobbying elected officials. But…
All of this crumbles when watching Shaun King describing Khaled’s lamentation of Reem, his granddaughter, who was murdered by an Israeli pilot dropping dumb bombs on civilian areas in Gaza. Khaled refers to Reem as “The soul of my soul.” Here’s Shaun’s description:
“Millions of people are obsessed with a Palestinian grandfather named Khaled and the ‘Soul of his soul, Reem’. I’ve seen my mother who is a 70-year-old white woman ask me, ‘how is Khaled doing?’ But everything about him… he is a walking counter to every lie ever told about Palestinian men. The man is the embodiment of not just peace; he has an aura that has stopped people in their tracks. And as we watched it, we saw a man, with a full beard and turban, who has been used to demonize Muslims and Arabs in every action movie ever made. A man that resembled the enemy in every mainstream action movie from the past 30 years, but instead, we saw a peace, and a depth. It was clear, Khaled alone was stronger than the propaganda machine of Israel. Just him, all by himself, there is no lie, there is no lie that the American media or Israel could ever tell that would be stronger than Khaled.”

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