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Piers’ Logic for Dummies

موضوع العدد

Piers’ Logic for Dummies

Oussama El-Mohtar

Piers Morgan is a respectable and jovial journalist who radiates compassion, fairness and objectivity. He has been describing the events of October 7th as “a barbaric and horrific attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli Civilians; the worst attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust.” With most of his guests, he’s been fixated on two inter-related topics: condemning Hamas and establishing “proportionality”. In his logic condemning Hamas leads to destroying Hamas, and this would lead to the question of proportionality. What would be the “proportionately acceptable” – number of Palestinian civilians killed before Hamas is destroyed?
Piers never applies his logic to the Israeli side. His narrative is simple. On October 7th, Hamas committed a horrific atrocity against Israel. So, Israel has the right, nay the obligation, nay the responsibility to defend itself. This means avenging the dead and ensuring that what happened will never ever happen again. Fair enough? Fair enough.
To apply Piers’ logic uniformly, let’s replace Hamas by Israel. For, by the same logic, Israel has killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians over the past century. This happened in Palestine until 1948, and in their refugee camps and in south Lebanon and Beirut, over the years. Some of their villages have been wiped out, their culture appropriated, money and bank accounts stolen, businesses and farms destroyed.
By Piers’ logic, what Hamas did on October 7, would seem to be a disproportionate payment – on – account, against a very tall bill of atrocities. And since Hamas, according to Piers, has vowed to repeat this action, it could be explained, by the same logic, that Hamas must destroy what it perceives as “Terrorist Israel” to ensure that its terrorism against the Palestinians will never ever be allowed to be repeated. This is not our logic; this is Piers’ logic at work.
Why doesn’t Piers use his logic both ways? I really don’t know, and it is something that I have been trying to wrap my mind around. It is a moral quandary, Piers, isn’t it? Unless of course you believe that history began on October 7th, when a bunch of Hamas terrorists decided to forego their daily Cappuccinos at Starbucks, shut down their laptops, take off their Italian made silk suits, put them in the trunks of their BMWs, don their fatigues and embark on the “most barbaric and horrific attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust.”
I have been trying to follow your logic and explain it, Piers. Afterall, you really seem like an affable, respectable, journalist who exudes empathy, fairness and objectivity, except when it comes to the Palestinians.

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  1. غازي خليل
    غازي خليل 30 نوفمبر، 2023

    I felt myself reading about the artificial intelligence when I read about Piers… the same logic when it comes to this subject

  2. Avatar
    Fares Badr 30 نوفمبر، 2023

    A very accurate description of double standards and hypocrisy


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